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International Women’s Day 2019 – “Balance for Better”

Madison Marcus joins all those who are celebrating International Women’s Day today and throughout the week. We supported the cause by attending the NSW Business Chamber’s International Women’s Day Luncheon on Tuesday 5 March 2019 where the keynote address was delivered by the Governor Designate of NSW, The Hon. Margaret Beazley AO QC, who last year did our firm the honour of launching of Women of MM Initiative. Her Honour emphasised that International Women’s Day needs to be a day of celebration but one that is inclusive of all, it is not a feminist cause, it is one that needs to championed by all who believe in equality. This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “Balance for Better” which Her Honour noted is an excellent segway into a reframed discussion, one that is inclusive.

The point Her Honour wanted to make most clear is her strong belief that we need to discard the expression of “the glass ceiling”, because removing it from the lexicon means women do not have to worry about whether it has been shattered or not. As Her Honour said “It was a brilliant phrase when first coined 1978.  It still had validity in 2008.  But why should we allow ourselves to be shackled by it in 2019.

When we focus on a barrier, we risk overlooking the possibilities open to us and the ways in which we can work to create positive change outside of, and beyond, existing power structures. If, as a young or not so young career person you speak of barriers, you allow the decision makers in the workplace to determine whether or not they will allow you to pass through it”.

For a firm with less than 100 employees, we have 10 women in senior leadership roles. Our Director Theresa Armstrong had privilege of asking Her Honour what her recommendations are for businesses in general, and law firms in particular to establish best practice in gender equality – as it has benefits not only each and every work place, but society overall. Madison Marcus, and particularly the Women of MM Initiative, look forward to enacting real change in area of gender equality. Please see the video below.

We agree with Her Honour that we need to redefine the conversation and focus on equality in all areas.


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