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NSW Government Compulsory Acquisition of Land

Compulsory Acquisition of Land by the Government




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If you have been affected by a compulsory acquisition of land by the government you have a right to claim compensation [1]. The RMS is required to provide you with a ‘Compensation Notice’ which sets out the monetary value of that compensation. The amount of compensation not only includes the value of the land acquired, but must include other expenses incurred as a result of the resumption of land by the government. This can include costs such as your legal expenses, stamp duty, disturbance (or relocation) costs and the impact to your business, among other things [2].

If you are a property owner, or tenant of a business affected by a compulsory acquisition of land by the Government you have a right to object to the compensation amount.

Madison Marcus Law Firm understand that for those affected by a compulsory acquisition of land by the government, this is a stressful time. We have a team of experts highly skilled in compulsory acquisition matters who are able to help guide you through this difficult process and ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to. In many instances, the amount of compensation that you can receive following advice from a legal expert is significantly higher than what was initially offered.

However, there are time frames that limit your ability to act. Time is of the essence and you will need to act promptly if you feel that the compensation amount offered is not satisfactory.
For an obligation-free discussion with one of our experts who will explain the compulsory acquisition process and your entitlement to compensation, contact the Madison Marcus office today on 02 8022 1222 or email



[1] Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991: section 37

[2] See Division 4, Part 3 of the Act

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