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Real Property, Investment and Infrastructure – Disputes and Enforcement

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team have successfully advised and acted in litigation for our clients in many disputes arising from real estate development projects, investment schemes and products and infrastructure projects.


Our clients promote, participate as investors in, and undertake various forms of investment projects, including property development, start-up enterprises and infrastructure projects.  We know that disputes and issues can arise at any point along the way. We have successfully acted for clients to re-negotiate the terms of projects, which have been able to proceed, as well as litigating or enforcing rights of various stakeholders, where a restructuring of the project terms has not proved to be possible.

In many instances, we have successfully advised our clients regarding Loan Agreements, Shareholders Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements.

We can also provide advice to you at the transaction negotiation and documentation stage: identifying the possible risks and solutions for investments which you may presently be considering. Have the legal documents been drafted to fully protect your interests? Do the documents comprehensively spell out your rights in the event that the counterparty does not perform its obligations? Should you seek to amend the terms of documents with which been submitted to you?  You may be better-off by demanding changes to the investment structure or the legal documentation before you are legally committed to the project.

Whether you are considering an investment in real estate development, a managed investment, or an infrastructure project, or if it is not quite proceeding as you had expected, taking expert legal advice early will almost always be preferable to ”doing nothing” or “seeing how it goes”.


Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team have seen many of the pitfalls which can arise, and can help you to avoid them, or to plan a course of action to improve your position. Call them today on (02) 8022 1222.




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