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Personal and Corporate Insolvency Lawyers - Madison Marcus

Personal and Corporate Insolvency

Our litigation and dispute resolution team have extensive experience in advising creditor and debtor clients, as well as insolvency practitioners, on all aspects of personal bankruptcy and corporate insolvency.


Are you a secured or unsecured creditor looking to enforce your debt or claim against a debtor (whether an individual or a company)? Has a debtor initiated some form of insolvency administration (whether bankruptcy, voluntary administration, receivership or liquidation) and you need to understand your rights in that context?

This area of law is highly regulated by legislation and there are many cases which may be relevant to your circumstances. Specific time limits apply for many steps. Our experienced team is able to identify the critical issues and advise you on the action you need to take, and within what time frame, to protect your interests.

In addition, we are also able to advise debtors on the possibility of negotiated compromises with creditors, as well as when a formal insolvency administration may be appropriate.

We have acted for many insolvency practitioners in advising on creditor claims, recovery actions, sales of real property and business assets by them.


If you are thinking of taking legal advice in this area, contact one of our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team on (02) 8022 1222 today. Almost always, the earlier legal advice is sought, the greater the available options at your disposal.



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