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Partnership, Shareholder and Director Disputes

Disputes between the various stakeholders in a business may arise at different levels of the business. Know your rights and what recourse is available to you to pursue the best outcome for you.


Our team has extensively acted for clients with stakes in small and medium enterprises. Investments in partnerships, proprietary companies and joint ventures regularly lead to disputes concerning the operation, or management, of the business. Splits may arise between partners, shareholders, directors or joint venture participants of a business.

Where there is a relevant written agreement in existence, governing the operation or management of the business, you should take legal advice, as to what those arrangements are. Many such agreements will limit or restrict what you can do to retrieve your investment, or to compel compliance by the other parties.

We extensively advise clients regarding disputes over the enforcement of ‘non-compete’ or restrictive covenant clauses.
If there are previously agreed contractual arrangements, the law may permit enforcement by a relevant stakeholder.


Are you a majority or minority stakeholder in the business? Does the majority always prevail? Know the answers to these issues, and more, by contacting our team on (02) 8022 1222.

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