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Leasing Disputes and Enforcement - Madison Marcus

Retail and Commercial Leasing – Disputes and Enforcement

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team have extensive experience in acting for lessors and lessees of retail and commercial premises when disputes arise.


We advise clients as to any aspect of the retail lease or commercial lease, including exercise of an option to renew, rent review, an assignment, surrender, termination, ‘make good’ obligations at end of lease, and the recovery of arrears of rental and outgoings.

State legislation applies to retail leases and our team is expert in advising both lessors and lessees as to compliance with the terms of the legislation and enforcement, where there has been a default.

Commercial leases are less heavily regulated by legislation, but have their own complexities. We can help you assess your current position and, where required, act for you to negotiate a satisfactory outcome (where possible) or to undertake a mediation, or to bring proceedings before NCAT or a court (as the case may require).


This area of the law can be complex and many types of rights must be exercised within particular time frames. Don’t risk possibly losing your legal rights, by failing to take action within a required period of time. For further information, or to obtain advice from one of our experienced team, contact us on (02) 8022 1222.



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