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E-conveyancing - online conveyancing

A Smarter e-Conveyancing Solution


Madison Marcus e-conveyancing is a sophisticated yet simple service that has been designed and built with you the Developer in mind. Our end-to-end solution delivers the smoothest, most user friendly electronic conveyancing and sales management experience available.


How it works?

Plan – Compile hundreds of off-the-plan contracts within minutes from a master contract. The fastest and most accurate way to prepare off-the-plan contracts.

Sign – Review and sign contracts electronically on any device from any location. Once signed, simply upload the contracts to your custom designed property development management platform.

Manage – Collaborate, communicate and stay up to date at all times with all parties relevant to your development on your fully customisable, purpose built property development management platform.

Settle – Complete the process with PEXA through the online exchange of documents and funds. You will get fast access to cleared funds sooner by using electronic transfers instead of bank cheques.
Making off-the-plan projects easier than ever

Madison Marcus has designed its e-conveyancing solution to be the ultimate sales facilitation platform by streamlining the sales process for property developers. Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets and paper contracts for good. Our purpose built off-the-plan sales portal will ensure that you and all relevant parties to your development can collaborate, communicate and stay informed at all stages throughout the sale process.

The benefits:


The Madison Marcus e-conveyancing solution improves your business processes, saving you in administration overheads. this is achieved by utilising smart technology to create efficencies and improve communication in order to exchange properties as quickly and easily as possible.

Download our e-conveyancing brochure here.

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